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Welcome to Agent

  The Company invites agents joined as partners to create new revenue and market opportunities, and through agents to provide customers with a comprehensive operational plan that contains the products, services, technology and marketing, training, marketing and other aspects, to development of a common purpose.
  "Common development, through thick and thin" is the core of our cooperation strategy, is the norm and agents we deal with relationships.

Partner qualification requirements

  In separate legal entity registered in the local Administration for Industry; have a good corporate image, social prestige and reputation of the industry; with in-depth research and experience in industrial applications for specific industries; the industry has a certain customer channels in a particular geographical coverage; in their respective industry or region has a strong social resources.

Agents guarantee cooperation

  I did provide for the agents to promote preferential policies to support the full range of: Resellers can obtain product promotional materials, various aspects of test reports, advertising color pictures, leaflets, media, advertising and other support, the agent's marketing, sales, technical staff to provide comprehensive training to help design and specific operation, equipment commissioning assistance to help solve practical problems scene. Agents enjoy the company to low supplier discounts, full one-stop supplier, avoid intermediate operator, to ensure that agents maximize profits. Strict regional protection system, strict control of the area around the agent, to prevent disorderly competition. Product quality Baotuibaohuan package maintenance, establish service outlets around the city level. Timely delivery, replenishment, replacement, to ensure the normal sales agents.

Agent Cooperation Treaty

  As my company's agents and partners, should be the spirit of "mutual benefit and common development" principle, the co-development of the market, service users, with three full benefit of the ultimate goal; to jointly safeguard the market order, not changing products and sales of unknown origin products, not specified in the sales agreement across regional sales of software products, to have doubts and should promptly inform our company; it must set a good model for the industry, integrity, can not deceive or mislead the user; the prohibition of my company's products sale price of vicious competition, prohibited publication of the normal selling price is lower than our price information in the public media.

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