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  Over the years, my company to take a scientific and rational management strategy, through our professional IT product technology, industry knowledge and skills, as well as quality of service, won the country, including financial services, telecommunications, electricity, transportation, government and education sectors a large number of high-end customers trust. Together to provide customers with better service.

  Rely on the staff of the joint efforts, the company gradually grew stronger in the market economy, and today has become, for customers in government, manufacturing, oil, petrochemical, power, energy, trade, transportation, military, finance, insurance, telecommunications, tobacco and transnational corporations and other industries, it has been widely accepted by the community. Here, I represent SBVS Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to express my sincere gratitude to all partners, and all walks of life to help and support us!

  Yesterday's results, have been recorded in history, today the arrival of the new century, the face of global economic integration situation, the face of opportunities and challenges, the company will continue to be diversified group, international goal. We will play the second pioneering spirit of the times, pioneering spirit, solidarity, work together to create new brilliance!

Chairman Chenyuan Jun

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