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  ShenZhen SBVS Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SBVS") is dedicated to infrared night vision technology (infrared camera light board production based) development and application of technology companies.2009 SBVS core R & D team in Shenzhen to set up, and a collection of Chinese mainland, Taiwan, R & D joint research, successfully developed the "dot-matrix infrared" technology.


  SBVS Shenzhen factory was established in 2010, and "dot-matrix infrared" technology applied to infrared surveillance cameras, which improved many shortcomings of traditional infrared LED, and achieved better than conventional LED night vision.

  In 2011, "SBVS" as the company trademark, was officially accepted by the State Trademark Bureau. November 2012, SBVS of "dot-matrix infrared" light board technology, formal access to national patent protection (patent number: ZL 2012 2 0631721.9). December 2012, SBVS infrared night vision technology on the surveillance camera application has a new breakthrough step, while access to national patent protection (patent number: ZL 2012 2 0662970.4).

  2013, SBVS original "nano-stacked - a small dot," the official launch of this technology because of long life, screen uniformity, ease of installation, automated production more efficient, lower cost, and cost characteristics, will lead the infrared camera on a global scale The new revolution. Apply for national patent protection (patent number: 2013 2 0314723.X).

  March 2013, "Nano stack - small dot" series light board sample listing of the trial, and an extensive collection of application of market feedback.

  April 2013, SBVS formally launched two SMT chip production lines.

  July 2013, "Nano stack - small dot" series light board after 18 months of development, market feedback, the comments received, the official post-marketing applications, long life validation, and made the unanimous recognition.

  2015, SBVS passed the ISO9001 quality management system, and is applying "Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise", "National Hi-tech Enterprise" and other high-tech enterprises identified.

  SBVS as infrared technology development, application, camera infrared light board manufacturers, we adhere to the "hard work, pragmatic, sharing, win-win"; utmost service night vision security fields.

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