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Principle and characteristics of IR leds board
Time:2018-08-08 15:36:26  Browse:Times

IR leds is a luminescent composed of IR led. Infrared emitting diodes are made from materials with high infrared radiation efficiency into PN junction,plus positive bias like PN junction injection current to stimulate infrared light. 

The spectral power distribution is 830-950m central wavelength, and the half-peak bandwidth is about 40nm. It is the band extraction distribution, which is the range that can be felt by the black and white CCD camera. Its greatest advantage is that it can be almost free of red storms and live long.

Principle and characteristics of IR leds board

Infrared light-emitting diodes(leds) transmission power with irradiance mu W/㎡, generally speaking the infrared radiation power is proportional to the positive working current, but near to the maximum rating of forward current, the temperature of the device for current heat consumption to rise, make the light emitting power decrease. Too small infrared diode current will affect its radiation power, but too larger working current will affect its life, causing the infrared diode to burn down.

When the voltage starts to flow over the forward threshold voltage(about 0.8v), it indicates that the working current is very sensitive to the working voltage.Therefore, the working voltage is required to be accurate and stable, otherwise it will affect the performance and reliability of radiation power. Radiation power decreases with the increase of ambient temperature(including the increase of ambient temperature caused by its own heating). Infrared lamp, especially remote infrared lamp, heat consumption is the design and selection of attention to the problem.

The maximum radiation intensity of infrared diode is usually in front of the optical axis and decreases with the increase of the Angle between the radiation direction and the optical axis.An Angle of 50% of the maximum radiation intensity is called a half-intensity radiation Angle. The radiation angles of infrared light-emitting diodes with different packaging technology models are different.

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