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How do infrared cameras select and configure appropriate infrared lights
Time:2018-08-08 15:28:26  Browse:Times

In recent years, with the improvement of LED infrared light technology and the falling price, the infrared camera in the monitory system has been well developed. In this process, the quality problem of LED infrared light is gradually exposed due to the incomplete materials, which affects the stability of the overall performance of infrared camera. Since most infrared cameras are mounted high, it can be difficult to replace them if something goes wrong. So how do infrared cameras choose and configure appropriate infrared lights?

In fact, for LED infrared lights, the key to the problem is the high hear. Due to the high hear output and poor heat dissipation, the aging of the entire infrared camera is accelerated, resulting in a rapid decline in product performance in a short period of time. It is difficult to solve the problem of high heat emission of infrared light. However, the hear dissipation function of the whole infrared camera can be enhanced.

How do infrared cameras select and configure appropriate infrared lights

When it comes to the selection and configuration of appropriate infrared lights for infrared cameras, we have to say that there are many types of infrared lights. LED infrared lights are one of the most commonly used ones compared with infrared cameras. To do a brief introduction to several different types of infrared lights.

Halogen bulbs and filters: in the early stage of infrared cameras, halogen bulbs and filters are widely used. The characteristics of halogen bulbs and filters are that the irradiation distance is far, the power is large, but the energy loss is also large.

Laser tube: due to the characteristics of the infrared light, the infrared camera is seldom used. Its characteristic is that the irradiation distance is the furthest, but the Angle is small, It can be seen that the application of laser tube in security industry is very contradictory.

LED light-emitting diode(LED): this kind of LED light-emitting diode is widely used in infrared cameras. It’s characterized by long life of a single tube. At the same time, high current may also cause fire hazards. However, these disadvantages can be avoided. 

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